Amsterdam Human Rights Award


The Amsterdam Human Rights Award will be presented by the city of Amsterdam on Tuesday, November 20 to a documentary film that portrays the theme of human rights with great cinematographic force. The winning film will be chosen by three international jurors. This year ten films compete for the Amsterdam Human Rights Award.

Items in this selection

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  • Sara Fattahi - 2018

What does war do to your mind? Three Syrian women make us their
companions in grief and inner disengagement. Winner of a Golden
Leopard at Locarno. 

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Dead Souls

  • Wang Bing - 2018

An epic documentary about a little-known chapter of Chinese
history: the reeducation camps of the 1950s in the Gobi Desert.

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Flavours of Iraq

  • Leonard Cohen - 2018

Twenty powerful animated films appeal to the senses in a rich
portrayal of the country and familiy of an Iraqi-French journalist.

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Island of the Hungry Ghosts

  • Gabrielle Brady - 2018

A crab migration, a ritual for wandering ghosts, and a heavily
guarded Australian detention center are brought together in a
mesmerizing contemplation of migration. 

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Police Killing

  • Natasha Neri, Lula Carvalho - 2018

Disturbing images combine with heartrending testimony in an
indictment of the deadly abuse of power by police officers in Rio de

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The Privacy of Wounds

  • Dalia Kury - 2018

In a reconstructed prison cell, three Syrian former political prisoners
reveal their painful memories of shared experiences.

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  • Anand Patwardhan - 2018

A broad-ranging examination of Indian society, where secular
rationalists are hunted down as they attempt to stem the rising tide
of religious and nationalist fundamentalism.

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  • Nebojsa Slijepcevic - 2018

The Yugoslav Wars echo on in Croatia, behind the scenes of a
controversial play telling the true story of an ethnically-motivated

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  • Arthur Pratt - 2018

A collective in Sierra Leone filmed during the 2014 Ebola crisis, in
which thousands of people died, and emergency workers risked their
lives to help the people of their country.

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A Thousand Girls Like Me

  • Sahra Mani - 2018

This disturbing and inspiring story of Khatera, a young Afghan
woman who brings charges against her father after he sexually
abused her for many years.

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