In this scene, SURVIVORS director Arthur Pratt is giving a sermon at his local church in Tengbe Town. The scene did not make it the film's final cut, but beautifully reflects Arthur’s compassionate spirit.

"I hope we all remember to show compassion to the people of Congo who are going through now what we went through. Africa has gone through wars, diseases, pestilence and unthinkable situations Africa will come out as the Victor. From Sierra Leone to Sudan from Libya to South Africa from Congo to Rwanda and Burundi we shall overcome the darkness of wars and diseases. Our stories will stand the test of time and the rest of humanity will not only remember us but will make our resilience and shared humanity their point of reference f" - Arthur Victor Alexandia Pratt


Introducing Mohamed B Bangura

Mohamed was the senior ambulance driver at Sierra Leone's main ambulance dispatch location during the entirety of the Ebola outbreak. He is one of only two surviving drivers who worked from the earliest days of the outbreak. "In the world there are only two things: either the good, or the bad. So when you hear a name on the radio, or when they publish a name, either they know you for good or they know you for bad. Some men say their goodness runs from here to city center. But if you really know somebody, you know they’re never entirely good... It's what you do that makes somebody trust you."

We know the word hero gets thrown around these days, but Mohamed truly deserves that distinction. Thank you Mohamed for your selfless service to Mama Salone - from all of us at WeOwnTV.



Introducing Margaret Kabba Sesay

Margaret worked as a state enrolled community health nurse at the EMERGENCY Ebola treatment center in Freetown during the height of the outbreak. In this clip she is reflecting on the excitement she felt on the eve of her first day of school. She is a born leader and a strong, compassionate and beautiful soul. Thank you Margaret for your selfless service to Mama Salone - from all of us at WeOwnTV.